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Beatmaker: 8th Note Beats

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noisemakerBeatmaker: 8th Note Beats

MUDA – an easy way to save CPU

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When preparing for a live show, Making an expressive and musical Ableton Live set can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. One of the problems you might run into is your computer’s processing power, or CPU. Depending on what plugins you’re using, and especially on laptops, you might be surprised how quickly you end up topping out your CPU, … Read More

Michael TerrenMUDA – an easy way to save CPU

Vertical zooming in Live, using keyboard shortcuts.

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  Michael writes: Zooming and looking around in Ableton Live has a reputation for being either unsurpassed in terms of intuitiveness and fluidity, or being way too stubborn in insisting on its own way of doing things. Sadly, at times I associate with the latter. Take vertically zooming on Arrange tracks. If I need to make very detailed automation or … Read More

Michael TerrenVertical zooming in Live, using keyboard shortcuts.

Interview with Glenn Kotche (Wilco)

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At Noisemaker Academy, we were commissioned by to adapt all of the stems from Anomaly to a beat-matched, playable session, ready for mashing up in Live. We caught up with Glenn recently to discuss the Anomaly project, his creative process for writing, and making Anomaly publicly available as an Ableton Live Set. You’ve generously put Anomaly up on for … Read More

noisemakerInterview with Glenn Kotche (Wilco)

Quickchops PDF Download

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Greetings Beatmakers! For those of you who have come here via the Liveschool Input Beatmaker Event, you’re in the right place. For the rest of you, welcome! In my presentation at the event I outlined some of the most powerful ways I know to practice your finger drumming skills. As promised, here is the quickchops PDF for downloading. We’ll … Read More

noisemakerQuickchops PDF Download

Beatmaker Beatclocks A0-A9

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s promised, the first 9 beatclocks A0 to A9. Each animation is at 60, 90 and 120 BPM. Remember to start at a slower tempo before moving up through the  faster tempos. You can also download the accompanying Ableton Live set, which contains these animations to practice at a speed of your choosing, simply set the transport tempo and go. You … Read More

noisemakerBeatmaker Beatclocks A0-A9

Factory 293 Launches online, Ableton Film Sound Design Videos coming soon…

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I recently did all of the post-production sound as well as location recording for the WA-produced short film Factory 293. It was an epic job, and Ableton Live was used for most of the postproduction sound design as well as audio mixing for the film. We’re currently working on a tutorial series on how I did it, watch this blog … Read More

noisemakerFactory 293 Launches online, Ableton Film Sound Design Videos coming soon…

Looper Part 2: Building a Live Looper Set

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I’ve often looked for great ways to replicate the experience of using a looper pedal using Ableton Live, with all of the extra added functionality that Live brings in terms of customisation, effects etc. This video outlines a nice workflow for creating an Ableton Live set for live looping acoustic or pickup/input instruments. In this example I’m using a condenser … Read More

noisemakerLooper Part 2: Building a Live Looper Set

Sound Design: A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

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This track was created using a number of nifty ‘found objects’, and some original instruments. These include: The ‘MegaFlex’ (an old airconditioning duct housing); The ‘Bowed Beastie’ (some mounted fence wires played with a bass bow); The ‘Whirlie’ (an old favourite – made with old washing machine hose); and last, but not least, the didgeribone – a PVC pipe digeridoo … Read More

noisemakerSound Design: A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape