Musicmaker 1

Music Theory, Analysis and Songwriting for Music Producers.

Oct 24 – Dec 14, 2016 [Term 4 Course]

Musicmaker is our comprehensive beginners course in all things Music Theory. Want to understand more deeply how music works? Ever wondered what terms like harmony, melody, rhythm, chords, voicings, form and instrumentation mean? Ableton Live is the perfect tool for learning theory, with its powerful analytic and MIDI sequencing tools. Learn the fundamentals in the context of electronic and pop music, in this course that walks you through the theory and application of theory in modern music.

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Things you will learn in this course:
  • Harmonic and Rhythmic analysis of your favourite music.
  • How to create musical chord progressions with direction.
  • Chord Voicings.
  • Techniques for writing melodies.
  • Principles of musical rhythm.
  • Musical Form.
  • How to analyse and de-construct your favourite tunes and flip them for your own writing.
When and where does the course happen?
  • Classes are usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 6.30pm, and are scheduled according to demand.
  • Venue: Soundbyte Studios, 187 Carr Place, Leederville [Map Link]
  • Oct 24 – Dec 14, 2016 [Term 4 Course]
  • Classes limited to 8 students per class (see class details below)

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  • You will need to bring your own Mac or PC laptop, charger and headphones, with at least a Demo version of Ableton Live installed. We can provide these items in-class if you give us 24 hours notice, and we can hire them to you for the duration of the course for an additional fee.
  • A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Ableton Live use is highly recommended for this course. If you are a little rusty on Live skills, you may like to book a 1-on-1 lesson with us to scrub up your skills.

Why Choose Noisemaker Academy?

Ableton Certified.

Musicmaker 1 is designed and taught by Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Hogan. Ableton certifies only the best and most capable trainers and teachers in order to ensure that the Ableton user community has access to a high standard of training.

Limited Class Sizes.

Each class is limited to 8 students, to ensure that you get the best possible learning experience around. This allows for each class to closer cater to your particular capabilities and learning styles.

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