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Oct 24 – Dec 14, 2016 [ Term 4 Course ]

Ableton Push represents a new evolution in software and hardware controller integration, designed from the ground up to give you hands-on control of Ableton Live. In this 4-week course, we take you through every aspect of the Push controller, relating Live concepts to the Push hardware layout, as well as introducing you to some of the creative music possibilities of the Push workflow.


Things you will learn in this course:
  • Play, record and sequence beats, melodies and harmonies.
  • Deep control of Live’s session view.
  • Control and automate Live’s instrument and effect devices.
  • Control external Synths, Drum Machines and Hardware with Push.
  • Advanced Push workflows for live performance.
  • Advanced Push workflows for mixing and sound design.
  • You will need to bring your own Mac or PC laptop, charger and headphones, with at least a Demo version of Ableton Live installed. We can provide these items in-class if you give us 24 hours notice, and we can hire them to you for the duration of the course for an additional fee.
  • A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Ableton Live use is highly recommended for this course. If you are a little rusty on Live skills, you may like to book a 1-on-1 lesson with us to scrub up your skills.
When and Where does the Course Happen?
  • Class night TBC – usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at 6.30pm. Classes run for 4 weeks.
  • Venue: Soundbyte Studios, 187 Carr Place, Leederville [Map Link]
  • Classes happen for 4 weeks during term 4, Oct 24 – Dec 14, 2016
  • Classes limited to 8 students per class (see class details below)

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Push Ninja Curriculum Guide

We’ve designed a Push music production course that specially caters to new Push and Ableton users. The course runs as one night class per week for 5 weeks, with 10 hours of total tuition time and the option of an extra private lesson. Please click on the week tabs below to expand the curriculum guide for each week.

Getting started – browsing and loading sounds, and making beats.

Browsing and loading sounds and effects.
Push has a range of ways to load sounds like drums and instruments as well as effects, and it does these in a contextually smart way. We navigate you through the range of ways that you can load sounds and effects, as well as combine them into racks, and to edit their individual elements.

Playing and Programming Beats.
Push offers multiple ways to record and sequence beats (drums and percussion parts), as well as automate their sound and effects processing. We explore these in detail and learn some basic but powerful sequences that are used throughout a range of music styles.

Melody and Harmony on the Push, Note mode and Live Set control.

Playing melodies and harmonies
As with beatmaking, Push offers a range of ways to create melodies and harmonies, from playing them manually with the ground-breaking interface, to step sequencing them. We cover these, as well as a handy primer of chord shapes that you can use for composing almost any kind of music, in any key.

Navigating and controlling sets in Note Mode
In this lesson we cover how you control your live set in Note mode, and how this differs from Session mode, which we also explore for the first time.

Take control of Live’s devices, mixing and automation. Session mode.

Controlling Live’s Instruments and Effects
Live’s devices are already awesome music production tools, focussed on simplicity and ease, but with plenty of power ‘under the bonnet’. Push takes the devices concept to the next level by offering a way to control any element of a device via an intuitive interface. We learn how to take control of a Live set and its sounds in this session.

Mixing and Automation on Push, Session mode
Push gives you control over the mix of your entire set, from macro to micro, with the ability to record and sequence automation for any parameter in the mixer or device sections. We explore the range of ways to do this in Push’s different modes.

Push Sampling Workflows

Next level Push (Ninja).

Controlling external hardware with Push
Push is also an awesome instrument MIDI controller to control external hardware synths, drum machines and effects. We show you how to set this up, along with 3 real-world use cases for this workflow.

Advanced Push use cases
Here we explore how to incorporate Push into 3 different types of live set, including a live band context, live solo instrumental setup and live solo clip playback setup, along with tips and tricks for each one. Super powered info from real-world Push gig scenarios.

Push user preferences & ‘Scene’ workflow vs ‘Clip’ workflow.

Why Choose Noisemaker Academy?

Ableton Certified.

Push Ninja is designed and taught by Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Hogan. Ableton certifies only the best and most capable trainers and teachers in order to ensure that the Ableton user community has access to a high standard of training.

Limited Class Sizes.

Each class is limited to 8 students, to ensure that you get the best possible learning experience around. This allows for each class to closer cater to your particular capabilities and learning styles.

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Push videos from the Noisemaker Academy blog

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