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Greetings Noisemakers

I’m Josh Hogan, welcome to the noisemaker academy.

I spend most of my time making musical noises, and have made a career out of noisemaking as a composer, sound designer and music producer. I value creativity pretty highly in my life and work, and I like to complement my voracious hunger for making with study and research. I’m into creating authentic music and sounds that tell a story and flex the emotional muscle required to connect with my audience. I believe that all of these skills are something that can be learnt and taught, so I’m really into showing you how to do the same.

Ableton Live and Max for Live give the power, flexibility, musicality and creative workflow to make great sonic stuff, and all Noisemaker content incorporates Live in some way. This is a place for sound makers, musicians and producers wanting to make powerful and inspired creations. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to download the first batch of free lessons in Sound Design, Beatmaking and Live Music production. Hit the ‘join the noisemakers’ button and fill out your name and email to get started.


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We are based in Fremantle, Western Australia. One of the most isolated places in the world. We’d love to hear from you. – Studio 42, 8A Phillimore st, Fremantle. info@noisemakeracademy.com ph. +61 406 021 395

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